ITR - International Therapist Registry


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The ITR - International Therapist Registry, was an initiative of ABRATH - Brazilian Association of Holistic Therapists, the largest representation entity for professionals who work as therapists in Brazil, that after joining the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations in late 2014 and inspired by the work of the World Health Organization and Doctors Without Borders, created the Therapists in Action, department focused on information, social enlightenment and holistic care in social work across the globe.

The Therapists in Action is an independent department dedicated exclusively to social work, with the resources obtained directly from the entities that represent therapists in each country.

This project aims to put groups of therapists to do holistic attendance at events, social projects or even in emergency situations by providing logistics and structure to our volunteers therapists, such as transportation, food, stay and personalized uniforms of the Therapists in Action.

If you are a professional representation entity in your country, contact the ITR today and register all your members in our database to become a collaborator of the Therapists in Action.

Provide to your affiliates an international registry, it's free.